Goods made in America.

Just bought a 41 mm Runwell- fantastic craftsmanship, quality and comfort.
@michaelperry Bought one a few weeks ago. Got the green one. I love it
@zackshapiro beautiful. I love the uniqueness of that configuration. I am looking forward to adding more Shinolas to my collection.
Wonderful company. Parent company also owns Filson, Steven Alan, and a leather maker. CEO of parent co started Fossil.
People from Detroit love this company. Good luck to any company in support of Detroit ^cheers
@johnnyquachy just spent the last couple yrs in detroit. there's a lot of very proud (+ cool) detroit companies that the public doesn't know about
Got a lovely Birdy watch for my birthday, and already want another one. They're killing it on design & quality, and backing it up with an authentic brand identity.