Turn your Instagram photos into ready-to-hang art

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I found this at the Guerilla Truck Show in Chicago. There's a shiny version that has a clear resin coat and there's an uncoated version. Inexpensive at $6 and $12/ea. Integrates well with 'Gram. A little one-dimensional since you can only print on those 3.5" x 3.5" wood blocks, but looks really well made, ships anywhere.
We've seen multiple Instagram-based, UGC businesses shared on Product Hunt: - Boomf - Your Instagrams on Marshmallows via @hansyeakel - Prinstagram - Printing your instagrams via @helencrozier - Twenty20 - Create your own Instagram storefront in a few clicks via @staringispolite - Pixelist - Get oil paintings of your instagram photos via @ShaanVP - ImageSnap - Custom printed ceramic tiles - can import from Instagram via @kaz When/will Instagram build this into the product? Could be a big and super user-friendly way of monetizing.
@rrhoover It would be interesting if Instagram started a platform for this, but it's difficult to see how they might monetize, if the photos and API are already public. I think it makes some sense for each side to remain loosely coupled (Instagram provides access to photos to encourage the ecosystem to add more value to users; These sites allow upload from many photo-sharing services (and direct upload) to make them easy to use for more users.
@staringispolite Instagram could create a marketplace for this creativity, helping businesses get discovered and streamlining the creation/transaction process. It would be a fun exercise to model this out from a business perspective. ...and that's possibly the nerdiest thing I've said this week.
We should talk about this soon :) Maybe they could partner with Etsy, since they've already got storefronts/search/payments/support/etc already built.