Shine 3.0

Calm anxiety & stress

Shine helps you treat yourself better. Join millions of people who experience lower stress and anxiety after using Shine.
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New in v3.0: You deserve an app that works with your day—that’s why we’re excited to introduce the Today tab, your new homebase in the Shine app. Here you can start your day with your Daily Shine and check-in, then get recommended meditations to help you take a midday break and drift off to sleep when it’s time to hit the hay. Our update makes it easier than ever for you to fit Shine into your routine—and we’re so pumped here at Shine HQ for you to try it out.
French people need this. Any French translation is planned? Thanks!
The design and idea are so nice, I'll definitely try it out! This is what may help everyone in the fast pace of modern life.