The poo sticker pack

The 💩 is my most used emoji (although 😏 is a close second) -- so it made perfect sense to start using this sticker pack to emote ONLY using different versions of poo. Never thought I'd send someone a 'Zombie Shi' but here we are! Really funny, really well done sticker pack for iMessage!
@erskine Ahhh, shucks...thanks for hunting this, Frank! The 💩 is my fave too! 🙌
This was a lot of fun to make. There are several poop puns hidden in the collection. Holy Shi, Hot Shi, Bull Shi, Bat Shi Crazy, Shi For Brains, Donald Dump Shi, etc. Lots more coming soon. Hope you guys like it.
@hunrharrison this 💩 is crazy ... best thing I've seen on PH all week 😂😂😂
@j_r_wi11iams Ha! Thanks, Jesse! glad you like it. :)