Discover the coins that CryptoTwitter shills the most

Anytime any of the top profiles on 'Crypto Twitter' mentions a cryptocurrency, Shillist tracks it and graphs it against the price of the coin at the time of the tweet.

So now you can see who shills which coin the most and who's making the good calls.

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Thanks for sharing, @humanismusic :) It kinda reminds me of CoinShilling by @ernstmul.. What features are you planning on adding next?
Hey @amrith. Thanks! I hadn't heard about CoinShilling before. Looks neat. Where we differ: - Shillist tracks individual accounts so you're tuned into particular people, and their past/current calls, rather than wider sentiment - No login required and we're free What's next: - More twitter profiles, more visualizations and more real-time data (data is currently updated every few hours), and a ranking system so people can score calls that were correct - Live aggregating of tweets from Twitter accounts of coins/projects so Shillist is first to surface new announcements/news - Integrate more closely with which is a tool to detect coin breakouts
Nice project. Do you intend to make it possible to query any twitter account? I believe at the moment there are only a few pre selected ones
Hey @aviggiano, thanks. Yes, currently coding front-end queries so you will be able to check any Twitter account you like. Check back in a day or so and it should be ready to roll.