shiftscreen will completely change the way, you use your iOS device everyday. Simply connect your device to an external display and use your external display as a second screen for your iPhone or iPad.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! What all can be the use cases for this?
@ayushchandra For me as a law student it’s the use case is the following: placing 4 documents side by side with 4 tabs on my monitor.
Not available for Android :/
@the_writer_guru There's AirDroid, for our chosen platform. :)
Is this any different than Duet Display?
@chrismessina Oh yes. It’s completely different. We use the monitor as second screen for the iPad, Duet uses the iPad as second screen for the computer.
@chrismessina I updated the subtitle to “Use your monitor as a second display for your iPhone!”, the description and also the AppStore subtitle. Thanks for the feedback:)
Interesting. I need to mirror my phone often. Can i use this instead of Reflector? Do you have a video demo?
Just purchased it to give it a spin. It's not very intuitive. Wish it had a trial... :(
@resh Wait for the update. Its coming out in the next hours.
@resh I have reworked the introduction and then the usage should be clear.
@resh And it’s not an alternative to reflector. You need Reflector or a cable to connect the iOS device with the monitor. I will update the app store screenshots with that information and if – after the update – the app is useless for you I will give you a refund.
@yanniks that’s awesome. Always a pleasure to see a team be very responsive. I’ll explain what I think can be a good use case. When I’m demoing remotely - I typically use Google Meeting or Zoom, I can share my laptop screen easily. However, our mobile apps are part of the demo as well. I try to use the wired QuickTime trick (but its too clunky) or I use Reflector. I’m hoping I can introduce you app into my sales teams demos - Curious to see how we might be able to do mobile demos via Screenshare more efficiently
@yanniks Awesome! is there promo code? use that awesome app 😅