Visualise the shift to blockchain by big companies

#4 Product of the DayJune 30, 2019
Shiftblock is a tool which gathers and displays all the relevant information about mega companies that integrate into the world of blockchain.
Shiftblock allows you to instantly view articles from all across the web about companies who shift into blockchain
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5 Reviews5.0/5

Diverse articles that at the same time are relevant to each company makes research a breeze


A very intuitive website, the logos of the companies are displayed right on the homepage allowing easy and immediate access.


The site has few personalization options it is the same for everyone using it

Thanks for sharing your honest review. We are working on improving the layout and the UI. Customised board will come soon after we collect more feedbacks. In addition, we are constantly updating the content for each company and gathering new information to keep our community posted about new updates.
I found about ShiftBlock by reading some great content on GuerrillaBuzz blog. Showing all the companies that implement blockchain technology in one place makes me excited, I must say. I'm into crypto for a few years, and ShiftBlock opened my eyes and showed me how much progress this young industry has made over the last few years.
@emily_kenned Thank you for hunting Emily! We really put a lot of efforts into educating more people about blockchain and crypto! This feedback is really helpful!
very easy to use and the articles are just what I was looking for! also I found the design beautiful and clean.
@juliachristine Thank you Julia! We really try to keep it as simple as we can in order to make it accessible to the mass. The goal is to provide basic information and articles in order to educate both "beginners" and "pros" by providing news and updates about companies who are shifting into blockchain.
Love it! I think that after Facebook will launch Libra you will need to add like 100 more companies to this site because so many large companies gonna realise how powerful the blockchain technology is. Which companies can get listed on ShiftBlock?
When it comes to information the crypto world is a mess This simple site is pretty awesome Could be cool if you add a feature that will allow users to add new articles (I'm sure it's a problem using WP CMS)
@stacey_m_breeden Definitely, the next feature we are planning to embed is enabling our community to add and share more information about the companies featured on Shiftblocks
@asaf_fybish The crypto community is pretty strong (I'm active on Reddit and Bitcointalk) You should consider sharing it there