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This seems massive? You can now use Bitcoin pretty much anywhere by card...am I missing some kind of catch?
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Love the look of this - do you guys have any plans to launch in the UK? 💳🇬🇧
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@djmckee +1 for uk launch
@djmckee another +1 for the UK
@megnakamura I'm *really* curious to learn how Shift works. Shift allows you to spend not just bitcoin via VISA acceptance, but ostensibly any store of value (e.g. Dwolla). What can you share about what's under the hood?
Woah. this is epic.
@eugeneotto @megnakamura @charley @javacuate - would love to hear your story! How has the development process been? This seems like a HUGE deal - what does it mean to you?!
@bentossell It's been a long road! Here's our first post, from over a year ago: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... We're lucky to have great partners in Coinbase and Dwolla who have helped us get to where we are, and are super excited about this first step in shifting how people think about their money. Have you ordered a card??
@eugeneotto I have not! I am a slow adopter on the bitcoin wagon... I need to get one :)