Drone with a one-handed controller

#2 Product of the DayOctober 29, 2016
Maybe Casey Neistat should get this, always filming with that boosted board.
@giacomolaw That was exactly what I thought.
So is this sold for a specific drone product or you can use it on any drones?
@cemedericarak It comes with a proprietary drone, but you can use it with any other drone.
@ferrius Thanks for the reply! Your drone specs are very ambitious. If you can make it happen, then it definitely would be amazing.
@cemedericarak Hey, hahaha, that's not my drone. I just saw that on their Kickstarter video.
Are you one of the creators? Or just a Hunter? @ferrius
@naseem_raad Just a hunter buddy
Shame the Kickstarter campaign got cancelled.