On-demand vehicle test drives (SF only)

"Take a no-obligation test drive wherever you are in 45 minutes or less" Yes, I'd like to "buy" a Tesla. ;) I'm curious how many people will abuse this and test drive vehicles they never intend (or can) purchase.
@rrhoover I agree. I've always wondered why companies don't partner with rental car companies to make this happen. Or services like @GetAround.
@rrhoover I took a test drive at a Tesla store right near my work. They are low pressure and I was even chatting with the sales guy about how we'd both be able to buy one "someday". So what I'm saying is go ahead and book an appointment :)
@rrhoover Try it out, Ryan :) We love letting people kick the tires on our service whether they're in market or not. We hope that our awesome prices and stellar experience will bring them back when they're ready.
Thanks @gillesbertaux for hunting this. Would love to try it out in Paris, France.
@guillaumecabane You're welcome ;) Hope to see this coming to Paris too. Btw, maybe @morganknutson could jump in to give more details?
@guillaumecabane @gillesbertaux Hi guys, we think Paris is great and it will be one of the first cities that we expand to after coming to Europe.
seems like a great idea. imho they should charge a nominal fee to avoid abuse
This seems like the used car version of Tred (
@crixlet Was just gonna point that out - Tred's going to used cars as its primary market.