Block bots, scrapers real-time to protect your content



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Pavan Thathaย โ€” Co-Founder & CEO, ShieldSquare
I am Co-Founder of @ShieldSquare . Great to join this conversation at ProductHunt.. Please do ask us anything. We would be happy to answer!
Kevin William Davidย โ€” Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH๐Ÿฅ‡
A real time anti-scraping solution that protects online sites from content theft.Uses a combination of dynamic browser challenge mechanism, behavior pattern analysis, device and network profiling of request source to identify, detect, assess and prevent web scraping activity on websites.
Nichole Elizabethย โ€” Moderator at Product Hunt
@kwdinc Really interesting. Wondering how apps like this will impact web scraping in the growth hacking space.
Anuj Adhiyaย โ€” Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
@nikkielizdemere Wondering how it could impact Google. They clearly scrape content to create their Knowledge Graphs.
Pavan Thathaย โ€” Co-Founder & CEO, ShieldSquare
@AnujAdhiya We empower the site owner to choose which kind of scraping to block and which ones to allow on their sites. Most cases, we have seen that site owner decides to allow Google and other search engines to crawl as they positively impact their SEO etc.
Pavan Thathaย โ€” Co-Founder & CEO, ShieldSquare
@nikkielizdemere Quite frankly, anti-scraping solutions does impact the scraping activities on sites by blocking them/making it extremely hard. Having said that, if site owner is ok to have their content scraped by 3rd parties then there will not be any impact.
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