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Hi everyone! I am the CEO & Co-founder of Sherbit and I'd be happy to answer your questions and hear your thoughts.
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Great app. When do you plan to launch it on Android ? And what could be your powerful asset to rise in the competition with other apps already ruling the market ?
@valdecarpentrie Thanks! We are actively working on developing an Android client, but are still in the early stages. In term of competition, our biggest asset is that we provide access to a wide ranges of services beyond health data. In the coming weeks we are adding email, calendar, and youtube data as examples. Additionally, Sherbit does not define how you should view your data, but instead we give you tools to analyze and compare it the best way you see fit.
Any plans for an android app?
@cheeyuyanggg We are working on developing an Android client, but I don't have a confirmed timeline yet.
@kavehs1 Can you add a sign up form for Android users to your website? Thanks.
@seysconstantijn Definitely, you can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/b0YOeP . I will add it to our site this coming week.
Wow this is awesome, what are the most popular data recipes on the app?
@isaac_latif_marshall Thanks - people tend to use Sherbit like a search engine, so we see a very diverse range of recipes. The most popular recipes tend to be social media related followed by health & fitness. I have seen a lot of people use the app to compare their average heart rate and weight, analyze their Facebook likes, and monitor their blood glucose level.
I really like your product. It is on my main screen. I'm waiting for the widget, several lines per chart functionality and moves integration. I'm ready to pay for it (also if you could show some simple correlations between charts - like exist.io - just not as expensive as they do (6$ per month is too expensive)).
@ryfeus Thanks for the feedback! If you go to "Configure" > "Advanced", you'll be able to "enable complex visualizations" and compare up to three metrics instead of two. Moves integration is on the way!
@ryfeus I agree that $6 was too much.