Opens quality content you choose instead of Facebook/Twitter

Shepherd puts an app icon on your home screen that redirects to another, productive app

Your sheep mind opens Facebook, you end up in kindle. Get some quality content.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
What a clever little mind hack — thanks for sharing, Artur! :D
Howdy 👋! My name is Artur and I am an addict. I became worried about mindlessly opening Facebook app and scrolling with no purpose. I didn't feel ready to delete the app yet, so I made this "decoy" that pretends to be Facebook, but opens Pocket or Kindle. After 1 month of that I was ready to ditch the Facebook app. I am not commenting on recent Cambridge Analytica revelations, but what bothered me the most was how addicted I became to just opening the app. Waiting for the build to finish, waiting in a queue - I had a quick fix that wasted my time. Breaking habit loop requires replacing one habit with the other, so I substituted fb with @pocket articles and it worked.
It is also entirely Open Source, so you can add your own apps to replace or open instead.
Love it! Using it with Twitter, the only thing that really bothers me is that it’s not the actual Twitter icon but a weird skeuomorphic-looking one. Any chance of fixing this?
Much needed 👋