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Policy guidance and reporting for business travel ✈️


Shep is a simple way for growing companies to create a travel policy, guide team bookings on top consumer travel sites and track expenses as they happen, with a lightweight Chrome browser extension.

This is an early access beta, exclusively for the Product Hunt community!

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AI Entrepreneur

Saved my team heaps of money in expenses which means lower expense bills for our clients.


Great user experience, simple to use



Product manager at Adobe
Hi John, thanks for helping us work through our alpha it was good to get some input!
Managing Director, BroadBrush Ventures

As someone who works at a university that is also a state school, the software to comply with policies and procedures to manage travel expenses wastes time and money, only really extracting value from the whole original purpose rather than adding value by optimizing tax payer spend.

Something like Shep produces a great solution that is easy to install, use, and manage. I hope that it achieves great success in larger institutions that start treating people like responsible adults in areas like travel expense management!


Makes travel compliance plug-in easy


Need it on every browser!

CEO, Trip Loop

Shep is a must use tool for business travel.


Very efficien, time and money saving.



Enterprise travel tech product guy
Thanks Diego, we'd love your feedback as you use the tool!

Why couldn't I have had this several years ago?? Because this handy piece of travel expense tracking heaven did not exist before Shep brought it to us. As a small business person who also travels the world, Shep puts my hands firmly on the wheel of my expenses. My bookkeeper thanks me!


Simple, intuitive, can be used with your favorite travel app


Cant think of any at the moment!

Enterprise travel tech product guy
Thanks for being an early supporter Ray - there's lots more to come!