A smart notes app made for your calendar πŸ—“οΈ

Shelly is a smart notes app for knowledge workers. It intelligently links notes with calendar entries.

Calendar + Notes = Shelly!

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What features are you planning on adding soon @adamagresta?
@amrith thank you for reaching out! We will be putting a lot of focus on User Testing/Gaining Feedback over the next few weeks, which should then dictate what new features we release in our next version. In saying that, we'd love to hear your suggestions, so please feel free to share if you have any feedback for us in the interim :)
Looks good and I really like the layout of the app! However, I'm not sure how this would be different than keeping all my notes in OneNote? I currently have a subsection titled Meetings. I keep all my meeting notes (names, dates, etc.) there. Why is Shelly better than that?
Hey @markdmckinney , thanks for your feedback. Shelly is different since it keeps your meetings and notes visible in one place, on a single timeline. And since the information is in one place, you can also search and filter for content in both, meeting and notes, at the same time. Try to prep for your next meeting by reviewing past meeting notes in OneNote and in Shelly and you know what I mean... OneNote is more geared towards longer and more complex notes, whereas Shelly is made to capture snippets of information fast and easy. Therefor OneNote is a more complex app. But if you don't need this complexity and you just want to get your notes entered and retrieved quickly, and in it's context, you may want to give Shelly a second thought.