A 'life rental' service; the Airbnb of lifestyles

ShelfLife lets you rent the life you've always dreamed of, by offering a range of exciting yet curated 'life rental' experiences: from Rock Stars, Dominatrii and Racing Drivers to Surf Guides, Fashion Designers and War Photographers.

Think of us as the '@Airbnb of Lifestyles' - for people who aren't afraid to live a little.

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A somewhat interesting but awkward attempt at marketing fiction
@shloky We're always looking for somewhat awkward people to rent out their interesting lives on ShelfLife - get in touch!
It's a book? Now I can't become Mistress Gretchen, dominatrix from Berlin? 😿
@rueter Never say never ;)
Lol very good. I like the concept. Will 'book'.
@ath Thank you, Mr Didaskalou. That's literally all we ask.
Looks extremely interesting and feels like a natural extension of the on-demand aspects of digital nomad living. Two questions from me: What would you envision the costs to cover? How would you ensure safety or cover liability (eg. getting shot while "Shelfliving" with a warzone photographer)?
@ivanisawesome Thanks, Mr Awesome. We think it's also a natural extension of never letting go of your dreams. Great questions. Hope the answers are almost as good: A1: The costs are set by the individuals and come down to supply & demand (much like popularity on @Airbnb drives prices). They also get to set the boundaries of what is covered (i.e: work-related time & activities only, or full 24/7, wear-my-clothes, sleep-with-my-partner immersion). A2: There's risk in everything, so we have a full set of paperwork, like most transactions (your airline ticket is also a liability waiver, if you read the fine print). We obviously recommend private cover and will advise (and sell) appropriate levels. Our more risky lives work in a buddy system - you will generally be chaperoned/partnered for the duration to improve enjoyment and reduce the hurtingness. But yeah, if your rent out Henri, you could get shot at. Hope you 'book' soon.