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Hello hunters! This is the maker of ShelfJoy. About 5 months back, we had launched our Facebook bot on PH and the community responded generously. This was us 5 months back Thanks to the positive push by PH, we have now served over 100k+ book recommendations to our bot users in 5 months. Our users are curious and want to learn constantly. They read and seek out thought provoking books and engage well with lists that appeal to them. Based on the feedback from our bot users and studying their usage, we've now put the platform on the web for everyone to discover, make and request curated reading lists on deep topics. On the platform, you'll be able to: 1. Make reading lists Of books you've read/want to read. For example, here is a sample list by our user 2. Discover curated reading lists Our editorial team scours the internet for topics that might be of interest to people and curates books from different sources. It takes us time but gives us gems like 3. Request for a curated reading list If nothing works out for you, simply let us know if there's a reading list you'd want to get curated. We'll try and get that list for you! We've put a lot of love into this platform and are really looking forward to your response. Best ShelfJoy team
@sia_steel I'm a bit late to the game, but I just cleared my mail account and saw that you had posted the new Shelfjoy. Glad to see the new version here on ProductHunt after this was how I heard of ShelfJoy for the first time.
@phimema :) Thanks for being there with us Philipp.