Rewards for taking pics of empty shelves when shopping

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Hello everyone! I'm one of the founders of @GetDataCrowd (makers of Shelfie). We're changing the way marketing research is done, one shelfie at a time! If there's any feedback / comment / suggestion I can help you with, let me know. I'm here to help!
I worry about the incentive structure of this - if you're offering rewards for finding empty/messed up product in stores, does that create a perverse incentive for users to deliberately mess up the product on the store shelves?
@mbuckbee That is a very good concern Michael. So far, the users have shown the honesty we were expecting from them. Apart from the rewards that brands provide for users, we're working on extra features that provide additional value to the points as a way of incentivizing other types of usage. Anyways, as a way of preventing this potential abuse, we are including a feedback loop with the retailer in which they can report said behavior so we can ban the user for abusing the system. As with everything else, we're a work in progress and will learn and get better as we grow. Thanks!
There are a few companies that went down this path and found it difficult to scale - Gigawalk and GoSpotCheck (advisor) are two examples. Love to see how these guys attack the space.
@micah ...and we hope our attack is up to your standards Micah! The space is super interesting and those companies you mention have increasingly been focusing more efforts on the "retail marketing research" side of the business instead of "auditing", which is where they originally started. How we differ from them is that, in our model, consumers "push" this very specific datapoint to us when it is relevant to them (on-shelf availability), instead of us sending them on a "mission" to pick up a datapoint. No one has tried this approach so far, and we think it is what the crowdsourcing models need to move from "auditing" to actionable marketing research.
This is great. It's a narrow form of secret shoppers.
How do you plan to acquire users? I think it is a big problem? And how retailers pay? Are they paying for CPA?
@ozguralaz Hey Ozgur, excuse the delay but I just saw this. User acquisition is looking good. We have a very well defined target which is mainly composed by moms. And let me tell you something, these ladies are connected and talk to each other a lot. Also, it is not just a matter of "playing the rewards game", for example, an interesting finding so far is that people are taking "shelfies" just because they're pissed for not finding the product they were looking for. No need for reward. They're pleased with having a way to have their voice heard at the shelf. That's one of the reasons we've recently added gift cards through which you can donate your points to charitity, like, if you wish. The business model question is something we're currently still defining right now. You know how it goes at early stage startups. One thing I can tell you that our focus is not necessarily on the retailer, but the brands/manufacturers. Hope to have answered everything!