Shelf Joy

A Facebook bot to deliver hand-curated book suggestions

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@sia_steel this is cool! had one suggestion with the "recommended books so far" section. made a quick video explaining: love it!
@_shahedk Makes tons of sense. We are doing it right away :) Also, the name was pronounced absolutely right!
You said it @_shahedk. You should be able to see the changes live. Thanks :)
Tinder for books :D
I have been using this since two weeks. Results are satisfactory, i think there is a lot to improve. I mean real time suggestions should be really Real time. Anyways awesome! I read two books ;)
@riser_spy Hello Yadav! Great to meet you here :) I've been noting down all the queries that you requested and seeing how we can incorporate that in the bot.
@sia_steel Will be waiting for the update. Cheers :)
Very cool use case. Where is the Data sourced from ?
@rushabh_doshi All the data is hand curated after extensive research from multiple sources. We have created these lists ourselves. :)
@ktkaushik That's great. Are there any freemium features in the roadmap?
@rushabh_doshi If people find it valuable, yes :)
Lousy UX - 20 "More from the shelf" taps. Use the carousel. Personalisation and an overview of shelfs is also necessary.
@rajat_rao You are spot on. We had our reasons to make it this way, but now they don't hold up any longer. We started working on converting shelves to carousels, today :)