Shelf Engine

Optimize orders - decrease waste & increase sales

Shelf Engine eliminates waste for grocery/food retailers by managing their inventory. Using better demand forecasting with machine learning and robust data collection, Shelf Engine guarantees sales for retailers and cuts their waste in half. The company has 200+ customers incl. WeWork, University of Washington, Bartell Drugs, and Ballast Coffee.

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As seed investors, we're always excited to learn about new problems that have potentially valuable software solutions -- food waste is one of them. In addition, it's also a social problem and at a time when there are still people who go hungry, shelfengine is a means to reduce waste and thus cost. The food industry hasn't had the ability to solve this with software and this app helps retailers and distributors reduce their waste. Shelf Engine’s order prediction engine analyzes historical order and sales data to generate automated order recommendations that maximize sell-through and profits, while minimizing waste.
@alexisohanian thanks for the share/hunt. What are the average margins/numbers in terms of the performance improvements? Just curious thanks 😄
@darrenlee good question! It depends the kind of product and the shelf life. The shorter the shelf life the more impact we can have. We've seen waste decrease by a third for products with a shelf life of 5 days or less. We published a case study on our site about what we can do.
@stefankalb that's good stuff and a good start. Looking forward for a better world with products like yours. Kudos 👍
Hi PH! I’m Stefan Kalb, one of the founders of Shelf Engine. I’m passionate about the food industry and I started my first company when I was 23. I realized how hard it is for food retailers/wholesalers to manage waste. It’s especially hard when your product is high quality and has a short shelf life. That’s why I teamed up with a good friend of mine, Bede, and created Shelf Engine. We want to help the food industry reduce waste and have the tools to do so. We would love to hear any feedback or questions you may have. If you’ve worked in the food industry or currently do, it would be super cool to hear your story and how you dealt with waste. And, if you have any other ideas about how Shelf Engine could make your life easier, as a retailer or a distributor, please let us know!
Congratulations Stefan and Bede! Excited to see you guys driving down shrink and increasing customer margins!
@mikelu_ Thanks mike!
Any team offerings? Actually, just any way to have multiple accounts managing the same stock?