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Shelf is a content sharing platform that helps distributed teams organize, declutter, and find their most important resources in one place.

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  • Matt Storeygard
    Matt StoreygardDirector - Connecticut Innovations

    Helps me find my stuff that is scattered all over the cloud


    Looking forward to the future integrations

    I love Shelf! I've been using it for a while now and it really helps me find and organize my cloud content. As storage of information and ideas gets messier and messier, Shelf helps me feel organized, knowing I can get to anything I need with ease. I can't wait for the future integrations that will make accessing my information in the cloud even easier.

    Matt Storeygard has used this product for one year.
  • Theron Shreve
    Theron ShreveProduct Director, TechTarget

    Great interface, easy to use, I've found the tagging, search, and organizational tools are vastly better than other tools I've tried


    A dedicated phone app would be ideal, it I have found it pretty simple to use on my mobile devices in its current form

    It's been a great organizational tool for my own use, and it makes it easy to distribute specific items to different groups of other folks. Very effective and flexible overall.

    Theron Shreve has used this product for one year.
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Sedarius Perrotta
Sedarius PerrottaMaker@sedarius7 · Founder
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks @rrhover from PH for helping us out! We started Shelf with the vision of helping distributed teams to instantly find the exact information they need so they can save time and prevent costly mistakes. We currently offer integrations for Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive that enables files and folders to be synced to a centralized place. We also built a really cool web clipper for Chrome and Firefox that enables people to capture youtube videos, articles, LinkedIn profiles, online images, and more. But Shelf’s true power is in it’s search. We designed our platform to go beyond keywords, making findability our greatest value add. Some highlights include; - Search inside of documents, PDF’s and presentations - Search inside images, graphs (OCR) - Tagging & Tag Library - Badges & Customized Badges - Meta Data layer + auto-categorization - 8 search filters, including; added by, date, content type, location, group, etc. - Content connections - Content Dashboard with most popular, most recent and favorites - We will soon launch a suggestion engine and additional integrations.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Paul Bell
Paul Bell@paul_bell · Senior Advisor, Making Cents Int.
Brilliant, no nonsense piece of kit.
Ry Walker
Ry WalkerHiring@rywalker · CEO, Astronomer
Was just talking about this yesterday in our office - with so many information silos, I often remember that I saw a piece of content, but can't remember which silo I saw it in - so end up searching in multiple interfaces. This idea has great potential - hard problem tho, glad someone is going after it!
Colin Kennedy
Colin KennedyMaker@ng_colinkennedy · COO and Cofounder, Shelf
@rywalker thanks for the feedback, it's definitely not an easy problem to solve, but we're trying! That is one of the reasons why our application has faceted search. Your can run keyword queries (which will pull info from inside docs and on images) but you can also use filters to sort across different places where your content resides. You can can say "show me everything Tobias has synced from his Dropbox account on AWS" for example, and you can drill down into that really easily. So if you get a chance to check out the product, I encourage you to poke around our Filters...thanks again for the comment!
Grant Miller
Grant Miller@grantm · founder, Replicated
@rywalker agreed... always a pain, tough when creating content to weigh what the best tool is for creating vs the best tool for making discoverable.
One of the things we struggle with is being able to hunt down information because our team is spread out across the world and do different roles. Great to see a better solution for that!
Colin Kennedy
Colin KennedyMaker@ng_colinkennedy · COO and Cofounder, Shelf
@ligaze thanks so much for the comment. This is something that we struggled with for years! For us, it's about making sure that information can be easily organized across different groups of people, so the ones who need it can easily find it, and the ones who don't, don't have to see it and be bothered by it. Decluttering someone's information view is just as important as helping people find what they need - so we tried to implement something thoughtful that would consider each perspective.
Paul Bell
Paul Bell@paul_bell · Senior Advisor, Making Cents Int.
@ligaze @ng_colinkennedy My whole professional life as a senior international development professional is all about cohering distributed teams and knowledge management. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the program during beta. I’d used a variety of different platforms before and found them all to be either too complicated or unstable. I’ve been using Shelf for about a year now. I’ve found it to be a practical, no nonsense tool that is brilliant for cohering teams, improving knowledge management and supporting team based workgroups as they come and go. Its fast, stable and efficient. A big bonus is that it also comes with an awesome web clipper for capturing information from a whole host of sources. It's proved a pretty game changing piece of kit for me and the teams I lead. I especially appreciate its ease of use and functionalities; especially its findability functions and ability to capture, store and disseminate information on the go.
Jennifer Fish
Jennifer Fish@jennifer_fish · Product Director
I live in so many different tools, it’s often difficult to remember where to go to find the right information. Other solutions always have a configuration problem and the UX is never intuitive so you end up spending more time trying to find what you’re looking for than actually working. I like that Shelf makes it easy to find information quickly without all the other distractions. Particularly love the search functions and SSO. Nice work Shelf team! Have you thought about integrating with (or replacing) a SugarSync? I know our designers used that for their files and it was so difficult to find things.
Colin Kennedy
Colin KennedyMaker@ng_colinkennedy · COO and Cofounder, Shelf
@jennifer_fish thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like the search and SSO. A quick word on SSO for the benefit of everyone else reading this - we have this capability with Google only at this time and are really looking forward to expanding this in the not-too-distant future. RE: SugarSync - we've haven't given any thought to being a replacement to SugarSync; an integration at some point in the future is much more likely. They seem to compete directly with Dropbox, whereas we are really, really excited about how we integrate with Dropbox and help extend its core functionality. Actually, if you wanted to get a feel for what an SS integration w/ Shelf would look like, I suggest you try syncing a few Dropbox files to Shelf to see how that feels. That might help you form your own opinion on if we should compete or integrate w/ SS. If you do take me up on my suggestion, I'd love to know what you think!