Sheety 2.0

Turn your Google Sheet into a fully RESTful API

#1 Product of the DayNovember 17, 2019
Turn your Google Sheet into a fully RESTful API. Power websites, apps, or whatever you like, all from a spreadsheet.
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Hello Product Hunt! Earlier this year I launched Sheety V1 which let you do basic reads from your Google Sheet via a JSON API. Since then over 800,000 people have used Sheety, and we serve nearly 80GB of sheets per month – you guys love spreadsheets! Today I'm launching Sheety V2 which now lets you write to your sheet. You can use standard RESTful interactions: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. It's also blazing fast: updates happen in realtime. Getting up and running is as simple as connecting your Google account to Sheety, then pasting the spreadsheet URL: schemas and endpoints are generated automatically. I built Sheety V2 as I spend a lot of my timing prototyping new ideas, and wanted a quicker way of putting together realistic experiences that can be used in the wild! I can't wait to see what you do with Sheety and would love your feedback :-) Cheers
This looks super awesome and useful! Super clean and well explained landing page... Well done Phillip! :)
Scary to have a dependency with another direct dependency which could turn off access anytime. However definitively cool and interesting. For prototyping and more I’d definitively say it’s worth a shot
@lasserafn Caveat, I don't use Sheety, but I implemented something similar to it, and I felt pretty okay about it knowing I could very easily upload a CSV somewhere else on the cloud to fallback to "just in case".
I really like the idea, but i don't like the pricing model. You should really concider expanding the free plan 500 requests per month is nothing.
@tsndr thanks for the feedback! Hopefully 500 requests is enough to see if Sheety is a fit for your project, after which it's only $0.0001 per request!
Sheety v1 was super useful, so Sheety V2 sounds like a great upgrade. This is how Google Sheets public API should be. Great job @phillipcaudell
@r3trosteve thanks Steve! 😀