Sheetson 2.0

Instantly turn any Google Sheets into APIs for free

Sheetson gives you an instant backend solution for all your coding projects. No setup, no worries, unlimited possibilities.
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Suporte incrível!!
@eike_athylas Thank you. I'm glad Sheetson help make you life easier :)
I need a better example how this work on the other end. I get using GS as a database but how doe the rest connect (api & code). Do your have any videos showing and example preocess?
@pixelaidmix I've added some examples so you can view source code to see how it works. I'll add detailed explanation soon.
yeah when I go to the examples tab, there aren't any examples, so I have a hard time envisioning how this would be used. Is this basically a nicer layer on top of Google App Script?
@yiren_lu there are 2 examples right now. You can view source to see how it works. I'll add more detailed explanation soon. It's not proxied through Apps Script since it has quota limit.
Hi Product Hunters, 👋 I'm glad to be here again. More than a year ago, I released the first version of Sheetson that helped makers bootstrap new ideas without worrying about server setup and privacy by exposing Google Sheets data as RESTful APIs. 🚀 Since then, I have worked in multiple solutions to improve Sheetson and make it even more widely and freely available to developers. So, the new version now offers: ✅ API Key to enhance security to your data. ✅ Number and text search with compound criteria ✅ Ordering query results by multiple fields ✅ Nested JSON parsing for complex data structure ✅ Free version with 🎉 UNLIMITED requests and data ✅ Using own Google tokens is coming soon 🙏 Please give me your thoughts and feedback!
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