Google Sheet as a database with RESTful API

#5 Product of the DayMay 20, 2019
Sheetson is an instant tool that turn literally any Google Sheet into a database with RESTful API without any setup. Just share then consume the well-documented API.
  • Juan Camilo Sierra
    Juan Camilo SierraDev who enjoys thinking/making tools

    Easy to see all the power and potential of such a product.


    Due to the third party nature of the API, some usages could find it limited in terms of transfer speed.

    Would like to know how a sheetson client can verify the data is not exposed between google and the API. Also it would be interesting to see improvements around the basic idea

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  • Pros: 

    Fun experiment.


    Airtable already exists.

    It's really really hard to see why you would not just use Airtable instead.

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Please open source it
This would be fantastic as an open source project. Otherwise, I doubt anyone would give access to the IAM for anything useful.
Hi, I’m Ralph, maker of Sheetson I'm really happy to launch Sheetson's first ever version on Product Hunt! It is a super easy tool to help transform any Google Sheet into a database with RESTful API support. Built with user's data privacy in mind, Sheetson are operational even when the spreadsheet is private. The setup is so easy that even a grandma can do it 😉. That being said, Sheetson also focus on developers with a comprehensive documentation. Within MVP release, Sheetson allows basic CRUD API requests without advanced features of a RESTul API: - Relational tables - Filter/query - Sorting Your feedback is welcome! Stay tuned for upcoming updates 🙂
@ralphilius I can't get it to work. Can you please post link to the comprehensive documentation?
@astrocrack Hi, I've sent you a message. The documentation is on the first page. I would like to see what cause troubles to you in the implementation process.
@ralphilius thx for the help. Good luck!
Great product !! Love when people think a bit further!!
@minebine_xo Thanks 🤗. Hope you use it in your next projects