Discover free Google Sheets for marketing, finance and more

#4 Product of the DayApril 02, 2019
Discover free Google Sheets for Marketing, Finance, Business and more.
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Hello Product Hunters! I am a Google Sheets power user. From BBQ prep checklists to data visualization and reports, Sheets has penetrated almost every aspect of my life both at work and home. The idea for Sheetlist came to me when I was attempting to promote a Google Sheet I created, but couldn't find a directory to post it in. Sheet discovery within Google Sheet's own template gallery is broken, with impersonal content that never changes. My goal for Sheetlist is to help you find a sheet that provides a unique benefit to your life that you didn't have before. This could be shaving a couple hours off a report or alleviating the stress of wedding planning. Would love to hear your feedback :)
Cool idea, Tim! Thanks for adding @appfollowio ASO add-on :)
@appfollowio @truskova Of course! Big fan of AppFollow's toolsets (I'm the ASO Manager for Keepsafe).
@appfollowio @truskova @timbjones thanks a lot! We value that ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Great idea, thank you for this product

Please tell ME more


sounds awesome...


but is it live?

Hi Jackie. Of course it's live! Go check it out for yourself :)
How do you use this product? Can I open the templates in Google Sheets?
@jonascisum Sheetlist is just a curation tool for interesting and useful Google Sheets. Once you find a sheet that seems interesting, just click the "Get Sheet" link and it will take you either to the sheet in question or the article that talks about it. All sheets should be free to use, so there are no paywalls.