Turn a Google SpreadSheet into a JSON Database API

Turn your Google SpreadSheet into an API that you can Read and Write! Everything without even logging in.
This way you can use a SpreadSheet as the entire backend for your application just by providing us with the shareable link to it.
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Over the past year, there have been a few dozens of these projects popup - use excel to get an API. I love the concept. But, every time they get upvoted (because people love the concept) but they all seem the same to me, there is very little feature differentiation. The fact that it keeps getting a response suggests to me that its a product everyone thinks they will use, but, they never end up adopting a particular one as something is missing. How is SheetBest different from the dozens of other competitors in this space? What features do you have now to stand out, and what is your road map of how you are going to be different than your competitors in the future?
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@adamscochran That's an interesting question Adam, and thanks for the opportunity to explain it. > How is SheetBest different from the dozens of other competitors in this space? - We don't require the user to log in and give us access to all of their sheets - The possibility to write data into the sheet on the free plan - We consume the quotas based on the amount of data that the sheet has, small sheets don't get punished with few requests/month over large sheets > What is your road map of how you are going to be different than your competitors in the future? This are some things that are on our roadmap: - Always do our best to keep the lowest price tag on this market - Upgrade the write/delete API to make it easier to insert data (and possibly match some of our competitors APIs so that users can migrate easily) - Better adjust our free rate limits (probably up) to some values that should work both for our servers and our free users. SheetBest was born from our need to get APIs giving the least amount of access possible (not having to log in, or give access to all Google Sheets at once). A quick compare list from some of our competitors would be: Sheety: Outstanding product, don't even have to log in, but unfortunately don't provide write API Stein: Great pricing, but we need to log-in. SheetDB: Expensive, need to log in SheetSu: Expensive, need to log in
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@adamscochran @nihey Great and thorough response! I'm really curious about *all* the use cases for products like this. Have people used these type of tools to build anything and what has been built?
@adamscochran @hnshah So far, I cannot say for our users, but personally I'm using this to extract stock trading data from `GOOGLEFINANCE` command on the sheets.
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@nihey @hnshah I think there are a few use cases: 1) For non-devs, these products unlock a huge opportunity to add new backend functionality. There has been a huge rise in no-code maker projects, but, their functionality is limited. But, since spreadsheets can: A) Have simple calculation tools, can be hooked up to automation tooling like IFFFT or Zapier B) Be extended with plugins like for scraping, Google Forms for user input, Blockspring for hundreds of different API imports, etc. C) Extended with Google scripts to pull in from any API or do other advanced features. This opens up a ton of new use cases in automation and backend functionality for the no-code crowd that they can return via an API, either to an end user or plugin to tools in WordPress. This is part of the reason I think that ultimately the winner in this category will either be bought out by, or launched by a no-code vendor and include a functions marketplace. 2) For less experienced devs, the spreadsheets offer an easy way to launch an API and focus on it being efficient and doing key management. I can't speak specifically to SheetBest here, but, some of the competing products specifically highlight that efficiency angle. The first API I ever built had major issues with credentials and was frequently crashing my server with poorly designed searches and calls. 3) For experienced devs, it offers a rapid prototyping use case, where they likely want to either automate data in and already have a plugin or function that can easily pipe into sheets, or they want to deploy an api to pipe data to customers or to an app. My personal use cases have been: -Provide a sample of a commercial API for delivering coupon data while I was still building the main database. -Running a small local app for a non-profit that need to input and receive very small amounts of data but didn't have the budget for even a small monthly database. But, the one I'm most proud of is: -Building an email marketing automation system using WordPress, Shopify, and Mailchimp that could be run by a client with no coding experience, and could set campaign criteria with info from Discord, Twitter, Location Data, Freshdesk, LinkedIn and Google Analytics via Zapier to pull it in. The Google sheet was used as the database at the center of all that.
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Hello Product Hunt!! Do you want to turn your Google SpreadSheets into APIs without giving us access to all your Google SpreadSheets? We're introducing Sheet.Best: the best way (so far) to turn your Google SpreadSheets into APIs. You basically get the shareable link to your spreadsheet, paste it on Sheet.Best and you have your API ready to go. Sheet.Best will offer all of its first users a 1 week free trial period for the Premium Plan (available for a limited amount of time), try it out to see if it suits your needs :)
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This is awesome, It'll be so easy to build MVP's!
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That's awesome :P would love to see an example url ready to go on the page!
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I've been gathering data in a sheet for over 5 years hoping for something like this to come along, but they all fall short. The most practical work around is still to use the embed html on Wordpress to display static data or copy-paste to a charts plugin. Using G sheets as a JSON feed is as simple as changing the URL. That is why most are able to launch these products and still leave everyone disappointed. BTW, Google is extending their Data Studio and Microsoft has very good BI products on top of Excel. I'm still willing to give these a shot because I would like to control the design and display. So as a customer I am simply looking for these 3 things: 1. Import sheet data to Wordpress (skip the API nonsense*) OR/AND 2. Have customizable search UI on top of my sheet to embed to Wordpress 3. Have customizable Dashboard UI on top of my sheet to embed to Wordpress Yes, 5 years and still the biggest no-code database (Google Sheets) and the biggest CMS (Wordpress) can't be friends 😢 *Personal note: As for API's, remember RSS? Than you'll also remember why its death.
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@legalcomplex Hi. Have you seen this ? They have a plugin for your problem.
@cippo Thanks! There are a couple of import data to wordpress plugins which also have Sheet connection. IFTTT and Zapier also have them but they all lack step 2 or 3.
@legalcomplex I see what you mean. Well, good problem to tap in for someone has wp plug-in spirit :)