Sheerly Genius Indestructible Tights

Indestructible sheer tights made of bulletproof fibers 💪

Sheerly Genius, the indestructible sheer tights that raised $190K on Kickstarter, have come to Indiegogo with new perks and a new goal! Rip-proof, snag-proof, life-proof. Made with Sheertex, a proprietary yarn made from the fibers in bulletproof vests. Up to 10x stronger than steel, tested up to 50 wears. So strong you can't cut them with scissors!

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I'm Katherine, the Founder of Sheerly Genius. I would love to answer any questions you might have on how we developed Sheerly Genius from the world's strongest fibers. The process took about 12 months, and has been quite an adventure. It involved developing our own proprietary fiber (from the same type of fiber used in bulletproof vests) and retrofitting machines so that they could handle the strongest fibers in the world - without breaking down. We're on a mission to get replace the $8 billion worth of disposable pantyhose that sell each year. Our pantyhose are tested up to 50 wears - proving that innovating in textiles doesn't always have to mean "connected".
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@katherine_hague how are they with heat dissipation? I ask since bulletproof vests are known to have breathability and heat issues
@joelle_writes Fibers like kevlar that are sometimes used in bulletproof vests definitely have heat/breathability issues. Our fiber however is a different category of polyethylenes (more expensive, but sheerer) that are naturally cool to the touch, and our sheer knit allows for total breathability.
I am *obsessed* with this product. I can't wait to own a pair of my own!!! Also, this video is amazing. Congratulations on the launch, Katherine!
@lynne_tye Thanks Lynne!! You're the best. Really appreciate the support.
I've pre-ordered my pair. Will be an amazing gift!
Hey @katherine_hague, I'm actually a huge fan of wearing tights (men's tights) while I workout and have noticed the ones I use from Uniqlo aren't incredibly high quality. Could you ever see yourself offering a product like that for men? Thanks, Ben
@benmlevy More than half of our backers are actually men, many of whom are buying for themselves! We may develop a line more tailored towards men down the line, but certainly have many men wearing the current product.
@katherine_hague Is the use case for men wearing them the same one that I mentioned?
@benmlevy Personally - I wouldn't recommend sheers for your use case. Down the line we may develop more opaque, thicker tights - that would probably do a better job. So stay tuned!
@benmlevy @katherine_hague Awesome — also curious about a men's product for working out/running when the time is right!
@katherine_hague @chanfest22 Is there any place to sign up for more information re: a product for this use case? Would definitely like to be kept in the loop!
It's amazing