ShearShare, Inc.

We match stylists to empty salon chairs.

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Quite a nice idea. Best of luck.
@matthewboyle25 Thank you! It was actually a problem we were trying to solve for ourselves. We had just expanded our salon in Dallas and found that few people wanted to sign a long-term contract, which is standard in the industry. At the same time, we started receiving requests from traveling stylists and new beauty school grads to lease our space by the day. When this kept happening over and over again, ShearShare was born! To look back over the last 4 months and see that we're helping to solve a pain that is shared with so many salon and barbershop owners around the world is simply amazing. Def the next generation of salon management.
Hey there, Product Hunters! We're the Caldwells . . . Courtney and Tye . . . and our mission is to commoditize salon and barbershop space. Sound crazy? Good! We were hoping you'd say that. :) Most people don't know that the average salon or barbershop operates at only 40% capacity. (Just look around the salon the next time you're getting your hair cut and count the empty stations.) Meanwhile, a whopping 80% of cosmetologists drop out of the beauty industry in 5 short years due to lack of resources. We're changing that. ShearShare connects salon and barbershop owners to individual stylists to fill unused salon suites and stations on a temporary basis. Salon and barbershop owners make money on their excess inventory. Licensed cosmetologists and barbers lease professional salon space BY THE DAY. We launched our app at Startup Grind's Global Conference in late February 2016 and are now in 200 cities and 8 countries. With almost 25 years in the beauty industry, we firmly believe that the next generation of salon management is about #AccessOverOwnership. When you have 5 minutes, hop over to and let us know what you think. You can download the app directly from our homepage and then search for a few cities to get a feel for the usability. We'd love to hear your thoughts on design, user experience, and general flow. Got any other Qs? We're here to answer! I'm also available at courtney [at] or via phone at (562) 7-SHEARS. PRETTY COOL CLAIM TO FAME: Floyd Mayweather's personal barber lists with ShearShare, and comedian Kevin Hart's traveling stylist pinged us about temporary space in London. Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't ask: the next time you see your hair stylist, barber, makeup artist, nail tech, esthetician, or massage therapist, would you please let them know about the new "Airbnb for beauty" and that they can now download the ShearShare app to #WorkWheneverWherever? Thanks in advance!
Hairbnb.... I'll get my coat.
@doivoid LOL! Will have to use "Hairbnb" as our nickname. ;)
love the design, ease of use, as well as the number of available salons/stylists on there.
Awesome concept!
@gentlemich Much appreciated! It's our first foray into tech startup land, but this is a space we absolutely know and love bc we live and breathe it everyday. Our goal with the app was to create a win-win for salon owners and stylists alike, and we feel pretty confident that we've done just that ;)