Shazam for Brands

Scan your favorite products for cool content and info

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This is an area I think bots could do well.... If I was texting with a friend and typed @ Shazam - then it could pull up my camera and I could check out the brands or it could pick up the song in the background. Often I can't get the shazam app open quick enough to listen to a snippet of a song
@bentossell If Shazam made a Today widget to easily launch from any app via the Notification swipe down, that might be a quicker way to launch. I miss catching songs all the time too...
@kristofertm yeh the issue is closing down current app/unlocking phone then finding shazam, launching and loading it aaaaaaand missed the song ha
Shazam crushed audio scanning, now they're getting into scanning products and images to get more info
Well Shazam again