Find unique and ethical gifts made by independent makers

Our favorite maker-marketplaces are dominated by wholesalers who game the algorithms. shaybazaar combats this by having a team of designers hand-curate and pick every product. Ensuring everything is eco-friendly, vegan, and created by real independent makers.
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We are so excited to share our new project we've been working on! We ♥️ local independent makers, artists, and designers and wanted to create a way to promote and support their work. We search long and hard to find goods we know for certain were made by independent makers, are cruelty free, ethical, and unique! We'd love to hear about some steps you take to live more consciously!
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Hey, @shayaalarfaj, congrats on the launch! Quick question: How will you scale it if products are hand-picked?
Hi @ihor_levenets1 - thank you so much! We are going to focus completely on the quality of each of the items we find. Our plan for scaling is just to allow it to happen organically so we don’t ever have to compromise the integrity of our site.
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