Sharpen Design Generator

Challenge yourself with original design prompts is a practice tool for designers of any career stage.

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Hello everybody! We’re really excited to launch on PH today! 🚀 So, flashing colors aside - what is this thing? 🤔 is a practice tool for designers of any career stage. It’ll challenge you to solve unexpected problems, similar to those you’ll find when going through a rigorous Google-style interview. Let’s be honest - do you want to design *another* weather app? 🌨 With a little randomness as a creative guide, you can really push your ability to think (and design) on your toes. offers designers of any career stage a challenging, original design prompt with every click of that button. You can read more about here: We’re looking forward to your thoughts and feedback on the project! Happy to answer any questions! 🙌🏽 Arman & Anthony
Damn cool concept, Arman.
@weirdowizard Cheers Darshan, thank you! :D
Love the concept! Great grab on the domain by the way.
@tristanisham Haha thanks Tristan!
I'd recommend that any company looking to create design challenges for potential candidates use this generator. Even after all this time, most companies I've run into with design challenges want you to solve an actual business problem of theirs. Bad... bad... practice. You shouldn't be asking for free work, and candidates feel strong-armed into doing it because they need/want a new job.
@wuss I appreciate that, Noah! We definitely agree. Spec work takes advantage of designers, and has no place in the future of the industry. Solving hypotheticals, both as practice and as a way to challenge candidates, keeps the conflicts of interest at bay 🙌🏽 Thank you for the thoughtful comment! 😁
Really, really ♥️ this! Great idea and execution!