Create an admin dashboard to monitor your data quickly

Sharpdash is a service that helps people create admin dashboards to monitor data within minutes!
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A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with some developer friends on what we don't like to build and what got stuck on my mind was "Admin dashboards". We build products every day and it's always nice to build a dashboard to monitor the product's data instead of monitoring data through database client apps like Postico and MongoDB compass. Don't get me wrong, I use these apps, but mostly in development. I built and launched Fastest Fingers ( a few months ago which has over 5k users and 23k games played and to be honest, I monitored everything with Postico ( because I couldn't spend time building a dashboard for it. At some point, I started to think it'd be nice if there's a service that can help developers/people building products monitor their data without going through the stress of building dashboard and that was how Sharpdash ( was born!
I'm delighted to discover this product, because this just made life easier!
Looks quite cool. We used to generate admin panels with tools like django or go-admin, depending on the stack. The choice is normally based by the framework we build API with. I see the pros of using SharpDash - great UI (thanks for the dark mode), charts. On the other hand we need to code/generate ORM for our existing database with node.js while we already have one orm written, say, with golang. It's a completely different project to setup which require extra efforts. It might be a good approach to split responsibility though. I'm definitely gonna try SharpDash on some of my projects. Thank you for you cool work!
@popovvadim Thank you for the feedback! Will definitely look into it :)
I like the aesthetics of your landing page but if I'm being honest, I have no idea what it does. What data does it display? are their connectors for external sources? This is probably a case for a live demo as well. I'd recommend emphasizing why it's different than something like flipfolio, geckoboard, dasharoo etc.
@er Awesome, thanks for the feedback. We're going to add a demo video this week! :)
Have to give it to you for the UI, looks great @codinger41.