Super easy way to delete screenshots on your iPhone

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Sharkie is a simple tool for filtering and deleting select screenshots. I certainly could have used this when I was at PlayHaven, snapping dozens of screenshots of mobile games for research. Screenshotter is another app by @mulligan to check out, designed for organizing screenshots (not deleting them).
@rrhoover Thanks for the shoutout. We have a pretty massive update coming for iOS 8.0. Of course will post it to PH first :)
@rrhoover Thanks for the love! Some of our friends in tech journalism found Sharkie useful too! (:
Hey everyone, I'm the founder of Nectary Studio, which made Sharkie. We're excited to see the up votes and tweets by the community! Thanks! We built Sharkie for the sole purpose of deleting screenshots off your phone. As a design studio, my team and I are often plagued with the problem of having screenshots cluttering up our iPhone's camera roll. These screenshots end up getting synced with our iPhoto and 'contaminate' our photo albums. I hope you guys would find Sharkie useful! Would be happy to answer any questions that you may have!