See sharks everywhere with this AR app 🦈

Always wanted to swim with sharks but worried about getting wet or even worse, eaten? Worry no more with shARk, the app that lets sharks enter your world and swim with you πŸ’¦

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Hey all, I’m part of the team behind shARk. We tried to build something fun with ARKit that samples a bit of interesting animation code we're working on for our next project and we created this, an app that lets you find and feed sharks in the real world. Think there's going to be a lot of interesting animal apps in the AR space. Robert Scoble said it was his favorite demo to show people what AR on iPhones does. It's just that, a demo, but we think it's pretty polished and we're excited to take this tech in a Curiscopic learning direction. Let us know your thoughts, I'd love to hear them :)
@dangerstick 🦈🦈🦈
LOL, this is kind of frightening + fun.
Cool graphics and overall idea!

Fun toy to demo new Ar-kit functionality on your phone, to your friends


Lifelike leopard shark is fun to play with


More features please!