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@rotemthegolfer Hey buddy, stop marketing your Giphy clone everywhere. It's kinda annoying
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@jagomagi just noticed that he's all over hunts this morning ha ha
I can use this, thanks :)
@rboab That's awesome, let me see when it's public!
Really good. I've pretty much used the same thing, but this is way more easier to generate it. What if the SVG's are inline in CSS instead? The html code might be easier to manage. Like this: background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml;base64,... Also a Middleman or Jekyll extensions would be cool to make it even easier to implement.
@passatgt That sounds like a really good enhancement, do you want to submit a PR adding that? https://github.com/mxstbr/sharin...
@mxstbr @lairdep23 Love the simplicity. I second adding an Instagram button.
how is this possible? just wanted to hunt it yesterday, but it was marked as a duplicate :/ good luck for your PH ride! I really like this approach!
@jollife the maker hunted it previously
@bentossell @jollife MRW I'm on top of ProductHunt with something I submitted a few months ago:
@bentossell @jollife When did the maker hunt it? Love the simple config.