Where startups connect with their shareholders

I'd really like to hear if anyone uses this. I'm interested in it!
@ChaseTheTruth glad to hear it! if you want to try it out, here's a unique url for product hunters to get the first month free
@alanmcgee Thanks! Could you explain the advantages to say, google shared docs. I get the security aspect, but why couldn't you simply share links within your shared docs? I'm not trying to be difficult, I want to know more. :)
@ChaseTheTruth great question. the short answer is that we cross-connect people, data, and documents to do a number of things outside of simply sharing docs. for example, if you share stock option paperwork with an employee, they can sign the paperwork through Sharewave, it's connected to a transaction on the cap table, they can follow vesting progress through a login, and you can see a profile of them to know what company info they have access to. we also expose analytics to issuers, from email performance (bounces, opens, etc) to document activity (datetime of viewing/signing, pages read, etc).
@alanmcgee looks very interesting Alan (and team) nice work. It's timely for me so I'll probably take you up on that PHers 30 day trial. At first pass your fonts are displaying poorly for me (really rough around the edges) makes reading a little tough on a 24" monitor (I'm running chrome - latest update fyi) Second - do you intend to provide any documentation to users to assist them with this process? I see you can dump your own Option documents, Convertible Notes etc in. I'm guessing no as you plan to avoid any legal liabilities?
@BrandonWaselnuk thanks for the feedback, our designer is taking a look at the fonts. We do intend to integrate legal document templates, but we're not quite there yet.
@alanmcgee Really excited to see where this has started and where it will continue to go! This is an important space for creating more transparency into equity holdings and also more understanding for employees about what those holdings really mean. All of that means more value for the shareholders and the company long term... Any plans to help clients migrate their spreadsheet cap tables and legal docs to Sharewave to speed up onboarding?
@superfem Thanks for the kind words! We agree completely, there's a lot to be gained by introducing transparency and education for all parties. Getting documents into Sharewave is a quick process, and we also have Dropbox integration for companies for quickly importing and exporting docs in bulk. Cap table migration is coming soon to help with onboarding, and we're also about to release a product enhancement for companies to sign financing documents & employee option paperwork that will automatically create cap table entries based on the underlying data.
Awesome! I'm excited to check this out. I used TruEquity for quite awhile. Ultimately it was sort of old and difficult to use. I've been looking for a clear replacement for quite some time. Hopefully this is it!
@adamslieb Great! Use the link I posted above to get the first 30 days on us, and if you have any questions you can reach me directly.