Watch YouTube videos with friends, synced to the second

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Hey, one of the makers here! Super excited about the love we've received already! Just for some context, @vincentdtian, @kooonaal, and I got together over break, and wanted to make this for Vincent (in a long-distance relationship, wanted to watch movies with gf) and also for all the fans out there!
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This is my new favorite thing. Reminiscent of (RIP 👻). Nice hunt, @danlev. Notice how the background of the site plays a video from one of the rooms. Nice detail. Join me in the Belieber channel.
Try it out by joining this demo room: (h/t to @dvyio for the find.)
Would love to be able to have that kind of functionality with streaming sites such as Netflix - same reasoning (watching tv in a long distance relationship). Any plans to expand beyond YouTube?
@nitifromboston Hey Niti! We looked into it briefly, but Netflix doesn't have a public API (they shuttered it about a year ago), so we didn't build it out for this version. I'm sure we can find a way though ;)
@iamwillkim @nitifromboston Checkout Netflix Party and Showgoers. This will be a nice addition to those options!
Congratulations to @vincentdtian, @kooonaal and @iamwillkim ! I know atleast a dozen coders (including me) who wanted to code an app like this. I would love to read an article about the development and the stack. This might also be something for code4startups, @leotrieu
@marcelreschke @vincentdtian @kooonaal @leotrieu Hey Marcel! We've written up a quick article and posted it on Medium, to go over what/why/how, check it out :)