Feed a hungry child with only a tap & 50 $ cents

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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
@sasa_sekulic @acorbi @kremalicious can you folks tell us the story behind Share The Meal :)
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Sasa Sekulic
Android Team Leader
@bentossell Hi Ben, we are a small team from Berlin and together with the United Nations World Food Programme, we have developed a smartphone app that allows users like you and me to feed a child in need with a tap and just $ 50 cents. Today, more people die from hunger than from AIDS/HIV, malaria and tuberculosis combined. I was not aware of that before I joined the team and I find it quite striking. Most of us can spare 50 cents – and the idea that it can actually feed a child for a full day is incredible. If we create enough buzz and momentum, we can „crowdsolve“ global hunger. Smartphone users outnumber hungry children by 20:1. imagine the impact we can have together! We would love to hear your feedback and let me know if you want to know more. :)
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Sam Cambridge
Senior Developer @
doesa the full 50 cents go through to the charities?
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Constantin Fechner
United Nations - ShareTheMeal
@samcambridge Yes - we are part of the World Food Programme, which is where all donations go. ShareTheMeal’s operating costs are funded by a UN innovations grant as well as generous donations from businesses and philanthropists. There are transaction fees, but they are in the low 1 digit percentage range. So with the 50 cents we are able to feed one child for one day.
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