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Dave Lastovskiy
@dlasto · Head of Marketing at Sharethebus
We want to share a promo code with the PH community. Simply use "STBLOVESPH" in checkout for 10% off full bus or ticket booked. If you need a ride to anything (festivals, sports, etc), shoot us a message and we'll make it happen. Also, noticed my previous comment forgot to link our blog post. Here's a bit more about how we're simplifying the booking proces… See more
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Dave Lastovskiy
@dlasto · Head of Marketing at Sharethebus
Hey PH-ers! We’re stoked to introduce Sharethebus to the PH community today. In 2014, our co-founders Wolf and Kyle realized that getting to music festivals was too damn hard, so they sought to solve that problem. Thus, Sharethebus was born. Now it’s grown into a much bigger animal. In the last year we’ve moved 50,000 people across 200 cities to all kinds … See more
Simon Lejeune
@unchumbelge · Growth at Hopper
Montreal rocks bus travel 🚌 💞
Gabriel Song
@gabsong · Product Manager
I have friends who organize Tahoe trips every winter and winery trips every summer. I wish I had this in college. It's very hard to collect money from everyone, but seems Sharethebus makes it easy. No longer you need that friend who works at Google to book a bus for you :)
Walid Ark
@walark · Founder
Great team, great product. Thanks for making my trip that smooth and easy!
[deleted user]
I've dreamt of something like this existing. Love it.