Allowing tenants to host on Airbnb with landlord's consent.

SharenSplit allows tenants to host on Airbnb and HomeAway with their landlord’s permission. It facilitates a fully transparent process that generates revenue for both tenants and their landlords.
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Hey PH, I created SharenSplit with my cofounder Rob to allow tenants like us to host on platforms like Airbnb with their landlord's consent. We weren't allowed to use Airbnb simply because our landlords had nothing to gain from providing us consent. SharenSplit is synchronised with Airbnb and allows landlords to automatically get 20% of the earnings and gives them access to a dashboard which provides them with control and visibility. In return, tenants are allowed to host paying guests. 🙏We'd love to get your feedback and answer any questions. PS: Rob is also a landlord and will be happy to answer your questions, too!