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Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
Thanks for hunting @jsneedles 😻 This morning we added a new way to share comments on Product Hunt :). If you logout and log back in, you'll have access. Just click "tweet" below any comment to try it out. πŸ˜€ The images are generated by ShareMeow. A ruby microservice we built for generating super shareable images. I wrote a bit more about the idea and how we built it here on medium: Let me know if you have any questions/ideas for making it better. πŸ’―
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Dhruv kumarFounder,
@mscccc Good stuff. :)
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Chris McCoyED @data4america // ceo @footprint
@mscccc @jsneedles big time feature, nice work!
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Jeff Needles
Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
I've been enjoying watching the development of this product for the last couple months. The effort has been amazing to not only watch a quality product be built but also one usable by anyone in the open-sourcing of the code. It's so cool. The implementation is smart and the functionality is highly useful. Congrats @rrhoover @mscccc. So happy I could provide some feedback 😻
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Jack Dweck
Product Manager at Rakuten
Great job on this, @mscccc! Now I can share all the comments, emojis included! πŸ˜»πŸ’―
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Louis Galipeau
Product Manager / DJ
Going to use this in a project. Thank you!
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