Automatically mail pics and messages to Grandma from your 📱

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Thanks for hunting us, @bramk! Here’s our story :) Once upon a time, I decided I'd start writing my grandma a letter every day after work. Two days in, I realized how much of a pain it was to create and print letters these days. My photos were on my phone, I was writing on my laptop… it was total #firstworldproblems but it meant that I wrote fewer letters. Plus, I wanted to share pictures with her, but my color printer didn't do a good job of printing them… Thus, ShareMail was born 🔥🔥 So, this is the product of a year of work with my partner, Jason. (we started this project as a chatbot… it didn’t work out :P) Our mission is to end senior isolation, a serious affliction here in the US. A lot of older adults aren't communicating the same way everyone else does now. So, they get left out. And that sucks. It's depressing, lonely, and actually has real negative health consequences. So this is our first attempt at reducing intra-family isolation. We would love to hear your feedback on this. There are definitely edges that still need to be sanded down- but we think it works for making basic letters with photos now. And there's even the beginnings of some automation for sending a drip of photos from your social feeds, which you can curate, in case you're the forgetful type. We hope you like it!
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At first I thought this was a bad idea. Then after looking at the site again I came around to it being really great. However I've landed on the fact that the letters your elderly relatives receive are not really any more meaningful or thoughtful than marketing spam. Just an automated collection of your social media posts. I feel like a better product would be one where the tech savvy youngster has to actually sit and say "I'm gonna write to my grandma" and whatever they create online arrives by mail. Almost like a cultural time machine. Apologies for the wall of text, adding comments in IOS app is really really bad.
@angus_halen Thanks for the feedback! The way it works right now is we remind people to come write a letter every month or week. They have to show up and click 'send' before anything goes out- and they can add text or pictures before they do that. So, people certainly are encouraged to do what you're talking about. We do have a semi-automated feature that will fill out your letter with 3 photos from your Facebook, which can be sent automatically if you want to set things up that way- but writing real letters and telling the real stories behind the pictures is definitely the best behavior for a user and the one we work to encourage.
@angus_halen @jeffmjack Haha, I can only imagine auto-sending some of the photos I've seen posted to Facebook might lead to some unintended consequences ;)
@angus_halen @axertion lol right?? That's one of the number one concerns ppl have. That's why we make people at least look at their letters before they go out :P
Such a great idea, helping the elders. Congrats @JeffmJack!
Love the idea of getting those grandparents and seniors involved! Will certainly use ShareMail!
@roystanfield Thanks Roy! Happy to help :) :)
Love this concept. Trying it out now!
@gollyjer awesome thanks!!!