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Davide@00taffe · | Maker | Bushcrafter addicted | SUP |
What are the differences with ?
Swann Polydor
Swann PolydorHunter@soueuls
@00taffe I don't know all the alternatives, I heard of Papeeria too ! Let's focus on sharelatex, they are the one who got me into latex, because the interface is user friendly and they have a very good SEO. They also seem to have a neat integration with Dropbox and Github which I did not find elsewhere. Finally is a good documentation with practical use cases.
Sayonsom Chanda
Sayonsom Chanda@sayonsom_chanda
@00taffe share latex compiler is more forgiving than overleaf. The find and replace features in sharelatex is much better too.
Davide@00taffe · | Maker | Bushcrafter addicted | SUP |
@soueuls I try Sharelatex ;)
André J
André J@eonpilot · Swift dev @
Awesome. Latex needs more simple apps like this.