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ShareIt is a free-to-use tool which combines "content curation" and "influencer discovery" to provide you with relevant and trending content. Quite like @buzzsumo, ShareIt helps you get curated lists of content across formats along with lists of influencers and sites relevant to your search. ShareIt also helps you determine the popularity of a piece of content by the list of influencers and sites which have shared it.
Wonderful platform. Liked the UI. Though, the number of influencers for any keyword are a bit limited but I am sure more is coming up!
@gargvipul19 Thanks for your appraisal and sharing your feedback. For now, we are showing 12 Influencer data before you login with Twitter and after that, we are showing 24 influencer's data. We will surely add more features soon.
@jimit_bagadiya - You're welcome. Keep up the great work. I somehow missed the Login button in that case.
@jimit_bagadiya Okay, just checked again. I think you could add a "Login Using Twitter" to see more influencers button just below the feed of 12 cards you have. Here: That'd help get more sign ups (which I assume is the ultimate goal) Alternatively, you could also say - login & share this tool on Twitter to forever unlock more influencers for every search you make.
@gargvipul19 Make Sense :)
It not working in Vietnam
It seems that the "Influencer Discovery" part has been taken down. I had found that to be the most valuable part... standing by to know what's in the works.