A free way to share files/folders with just a link

ShareFiles is an hassle-free way to share any file/folder you want with a link. Links will automatically expire after 24 hours. There is no registration or payments necessary to use this product now.

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πŸ‘‹ Hi Product Hunt, I graduated college 2 years ago and have been an iOS Developer by profession since then, but I've always been interested in learning the web technologies. At work, I came across a workflow where I needed to move couple files about ~300MB multiple times to another computer. I didn't want to waste the storage space on Slack for transferring the files and couldn't set up Dropbox on that machine. πŸ›  Solution I made ShareFiles as my first web project where I could share the files/folders with anyone through a link that automatically expires after 24 hours. There probably exists multiple other products that can do this and has more features, but this was just a way for me to get my feet wet with some web technologies like Vue, Typescript, and Parcel for the past 2 months. 🎁 Features: - Drag n' Drop files/folders - Files automatically zipped to conserve space and to speed up the process - See all files and their respective sizes before uploading/downloading. - Links Management - File sizes are only limited by your device's memory (RAM) capacity - No Registration - Free Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them when I have a chance during work today!
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@sanjuv725 where are you storing the files ? On a remote server and then deleting them after 24 hours ?
@trolling42 Yup, it's on a remote server so that you don't have to be online or have your computer active when the other person wants to download the files. The files are deleted automatically after 24 hours or you can delete them any time you want before that by going to
Thanks for sharing how people can delete links @sanjuv725 - so it is recognising your desktop/profile somehow as it is not giving people the option to log in?
@krishnade Yup, it recognizes the device and associates that with the person. So if you use a different device, it'll think it's a different person.
@sanjuv725 Thanks for confirming