Find people for group activities and travel

Find people for your group activity and travel. Join groups for your next adventure. Post trips, approve participants, discuss details with the group in our chat, plan trips with your friends (private trip mode) and add people if somebody bails on you in the last moment (make the trip public). Leave ratings and reviews to build a trusted community.

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This is genius! I love that I can plan a trip and rely only on my preference or choice of destination. If people want to join in - they can! I'm an independent traveler and I love to meet people, but I hate 'selling' activities to my friends. With Sharedtrip people find my trips and join if they are interested in birdwatching or scouting for Game of Thrones remote shooting locations. .


Easy to use, beautiful design and a great experience overall.



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Thank you, Amina! You got the points. :) This is exactly what we are doing - giving the freedom for people to oraganize what they want and find more people if they need. Thank you for trying out!
Hi all! I am Genia, the person behind Sharedtrip. I have lived in eight countries and travel is in my blood - I had my first trip when I was 5 days old and I just can’t stop since. I like to travel solo and I’m a good planner, but lately, I started to notice that I have to overpay for accommodations|transportation when I travel on my own and that I miss out on so many opportunities because I am alone and quite often don’t have friends|family by my side. I can’t ride a hot air balloon, I can’t rent a private boat in Thailand, can’t rent a castle in Romania - it’s not economically or eco-friendly and, let’s be honest, just not that much fun. Also, add here all the safety dangers for a solo female travel you’ve heard about - I bet, I experienced the majority. At Sharedtrip, we build a solution that 1) fights Tinder-culture: we put adventure in the center, something you dream about. There is no discrimination based on someone’s looks and you will not get harassed by unwanted spam messages unrelated to your trip. 2) saves your time: you don’t need to chat and organize your friends’ group, considering the possibilities, work schedules, family obligations. With Sharedtrip, you can arrange for new friends to meet on your trip! You post a trip, find people, then discuss additional details. Or you find a trip, join and discuss. You can always leave the group if you feel uncomfortable. 3) inspires ideas for everything you need a group for - like sharing accommodation or transport, some group activities or sharing pizza with a 2x1 deal, guiding tours of your city to the visitors, teaching others to make pelmeni as per your grandma recipe and many more! Perfect for introverts, digital nomads, female solo travelers, any travelers! Check out our special trip to see the flow - Chat for Product Hunters. Also, we started a special promo for this week: post a trip, get at least one positive feedback -> get $10. Thank you for checking out Sharedtrip and giving your feedback! This is our first version and we have so many features to add! Right now we are working on partnering with big events so that more people can find travel companions and visit music, sport, tech events that they’ve always dreamed about!. We have a fantastic team and our big dream - is to see people travel more, safely and do the things they haven’t heard about before. If you are on the same wave, join our community.
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I helped this team and during that I just felt in love with this tool. With my friends we finally found where we can discuss, re-discuss, re-arrange all our plans about the event and not to uproar lots of chats we have.

App is simple (I dont use Fb for events because of too much happening there).

I also like their dream about safe and cheaper travelling.

Usually, when I work from other city remotely, I'd love to find some people to go to the tours. Reaching them using social groups was awkward, tinder is about sex. Actually, I dont know any other product where you can make groups and nothing bothers you.

Also I like the approval of people+leave review, that want to join group, it's airbnb model that really makes your trip open, but safe from trolls/



One idea, one trip, some arrangements and fun. Easy


Too much to fill when creating a trip

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Great review, thanks @nel_kamai
Thanks, Nelly! We designed our flow to minimize unwanted interactions and messages, and we will keep this peace on the users as much as it takes us. Thank you for pointing out about the easy one-place planning with friends, this is not very obvious before you try the tool. We, probably, need to advertise this feature more. Funny fact, when I was validating the idea, most people asked to make it possible to plan ski trips or travel activities with the friends - so we surely had it included in our MVP.

What I like about sharedtrip is that you meet people based on your interests, whatever those are. For instance, I am an outdoorsy person. I am also an expat with an academic career who moves from country to country every couple of years. There're activities organized for expats on facebook, for instance, but those are just your regular "let's hang out in a bar" type of party. That's not my thing, but there isn't anything better. On sharedtrip I can organize very specialized trips related to rock climbing or music jam sessions.


It's a product with a very broad scope. It can be used both for organizing activities locally and for traveling and meeting new people


ST is for people who are willing to go an extra mile to plan, organize and advertize an activity. Not so many people like this out there.

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Thank you, Anna! Hope you enjoyed all your trips! We are thinking how else to simplify adding the trip and will experiment soon. As for advertising - we just introduced tags a week ago. With tags, we can send curated trips, based on members' interests, once a week. Also, we are quite a young startup, but with a great growing community. More trips - more to join and more people visit to just see what's around. Oh, and we introduced the map a few days ago! Now it is more visual right away. You plan the weekend or a next travel - check the map and what people are organizing. :) Thank you for your feedback! PS Check the map for sure.



after relocation I can not find a company for hikes. I hope that the problem has been solved


Not yet

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Yes! We feel your pain! All our team members have relocated many times and we know this feeling, especially for the introverts, that you can't do some things alone, or just want some company for hiking! But everyone has girlfriends, boyfriends, old friends - and it is really hard to join a company. We have it solved: you just post your idea/plan - and people join. Or join the ones who are organizing. Our CTO Denis loves to hike, you can check his trips in British Columbia for the summer! Or post your own, we are growing and more people from different countries join trips each day.