Shared inbox for your team; in Slack

SharedBox gives you a unique email that connects to your Slack account. Emails sent or forwarded to it is sent to your choice Slack channel, properly threaded. Collaborate with your team, comment, add notes and reply directly from Slack.

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this is very useful, especially for Agencies.
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Thanks @jason_turnquist. I am happy to answer any question.
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I tried it. Like the idea but at this stage is too basic in my opinion. For instance, the content of the email is shown within "reply". Also as a company (us) that is ISO27001 certified, we would need a DPA and GDPR prior to starting the use of it, as we would technically be sharing confidential information with SharedBox Nonetheless, I love the idea
@footer Thanks for mentioning this Amin. As rightly said, things are (intentionally) basic for now but there is ongoing development in mentioned areas. I really appreciate the feedback and will even more appreciate further discussion about this.