Shared Text Styles

Easily import and export your Text Styles in Sketch.

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Hey guys, I'm the maker of the Shared Text Styles plugin and hope you like it! Little back story: At Yummygum we aim to create coherent and consistent designs. Because we work in a team, it is sometimes hard to stay consistent with your typography usage, even when you’re using a style kit with typography. I was able to develop something neat to help with this! Would love to hear your thoughts!
This sounds great! Before I do my own exploration, can you tell me whether this is something that could live in a centralised Dropbox, allowing someone to export (override) it and that change be pushed to the entire team, or would the import/export process have to be a manual one? Thanks!
@lukejones Hey Luke, thanks for commenting! Anyone can import the same file, but the import/export feature is currently a manual process. Features like re-importing and the one you mentioned will be coming soon, good suggestion.
@lukejones you might be interested in the Sync plugin
@stan Interesting – thanks!
@nilshoenson Ah I see – well I love the product and look forward to using it with my colleagues :-)
@lukejones Hey Luke! We just launched a new version of Shared Text Styles which let's you re-import Text Styles, where the previous instances get overwritten. Hope this helps!