Shared Count

Track URL shares, likes, tweets, and more.

Hi all, I created Shared Count. Happy to answer any questions anyone has about it.
@yahel Hi Yahel, are you planning to add analytics? It'd be nice to see how my shares change over time.
@gozdeaksay That's the next step, I think -- allowing you to pick a URL you want to track over time (going forward; going backward isn't really possible with this setup). I'm weighing between doing that and building a bulk-query API, which has been a frequent request as well.
@KeeranRavee Ooh, hadn't seen that one. That's really nice.
Using this on a daily basis!
It's useful, Yahel, if you put it on zapier (should take you a few hours) you can count me in as a user - and many others I would say :-)