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Oh wow, that hunt was completely unexpected! Thanks @arunpattnaik :-) So I'll post a small intro here! I'm Victor Manrique, one of the makers behind Sharechat.io (we are 6 people in the team, 2 devs, 1 product, 1 growth, 2 design) and we just launched our public beta today, with the objective of learning faster to improve quicker as well as growing our beta tester base ;) Basically Sharechat is WeTransfer + Dropbox + Slack, free and with almost no limits when sharing and storing stuff (we do have a 5GB limit per file, but we're already working on increasing it to 5TB per file :P). At this moment, where we are strong is vs the wetransfer+dropbox use case for creative teams that collaborate on a daily basis, since our sharing and storage limits are bigger, our uploads/downloads a bit faster and we add the chat to that mix. Against all those users who currently have Google Drive premium + Slack in their corps, we may still fall short. So I'm glad to answer anything that comes up or to explain anything else, just drop a line here :D Cheers! Ps. Remember it's a beta so it may still break from time to time. Ps2. Sharechat is not responsive yet, so I'd recommend to open it on your desktop or a big tablet :D Ps3. We promised all of our current beta testers a free-forever account, so I guess we can do the same with Product Hunters! Just drop me a message here or via sharechat (create a channel with me, I'm 'victor.manrique@woodwing.com') and we'll make it work hehe Ps4. You can see some of our design work here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/... Ps5: And the story of how sharechat got started is here: https://medium.com/@VictorManriq... SMALL EDIT: Our servers are quite loaded at this moment due to the amount of traffic, we're working on it but it's possible that sharechat is slow sending files or chatting. Sorry for that guys!
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@victormanriquey I would love to have one of those free forever accounts, would make my life so much easier! πŸ˜„ (mail: misterdahl@gmail.com)
@mattiasd_ You can count on one! πŸ˜† As a small favour I'd ask you for a few lines of feedback whenever possible! πŸ˜† Thanks!
@victormanriquey Did you say free?!? πŸš€ ps: great chatting today!
@as_austin Yes sir! You'll get one no worries πŸ˜„ Was a nice chat indeed!
@victormanriquey @woodwing can I have my own free-forever account? :D TIA!
Sharing files is part of every creative project. Teams work together to come up original proposals, have countless rounds of updates and revisions and then they're shared again externally with clients. Not to mention files are often organized on a local server, or in the cloud for archiving and easy access. For all the sharing, discussing and organizing of files, you've probably used services like WeTransfer, Google Drive, Slack, Skype, Mail and maybe even more. Sharechat does it all. It’s file sharing with chat and built-in organization.
Hey everyone, thanks to all for the up-votes and enthusiasm. I am one of the makers and responsible for the development of the front-end. Whenever you have any questions related, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here to answer them all :).
Thanks to everyone who upvoted us. This was completely unexpected in *1 single day*.
Congratulations on this great product, I have one question how secure is the storage and if it's encrypted? Thank you πŸ˜€
@qahersalah Thanks Qaher! Much appreciate it! So a bit on security as I told you via Intercom! To be absolutely honest and transparent, we do not have (coming in the next days via AWS) full encryption yet, we just launched our public beta after a few weeks of development with a small team and had to make some sacrifices here and there, hope you guys understand that :) But all this said! Files are of course secured already, just not with the maximum standards, and we also have a strong back up in place (several times a day, and incremental) so no massive data failure should strike us hard. Our plan for the upcoming weeks is to get the beta to the quality we want (fully secure, stable without big bugs and 99,99% up) and then we'll remove the label. Up until then it might be a bit shaky for a bit :-) Ps. Erwin and Jan are also here (the 2 guys that made sharechat from scratch in a few weeks) so they can asnwer any tech question related to this or any other topics!